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September 2015


GET PAID FOR YOUR HUNTING, FISHING AND TRAPPING ADVENTURES. The North American School of Outdoor Writing. www.NASOW.com - rbrunt@saltspring.com


PROPANE REFRIGERATORS FOR OFF-GRID LIVING! No electricity required. Contact Diamond Refrigerators: (866) 825-4013 or visit www.Lehmans.com for free information on Diamond gas refrigerators. Five year warranty. Manufactured in Michigan.

LARGE GAS REFRIGERATORS. 12, 15, 18, 19 & 21 cubic foot propane refrigerators. 10, 15, 18 & 22 cubic foot freezers. (800) 898-0552. Ervin's Cabinet Shop, 220 N County Road 425 E, Arcola, IL 61910.


BLUE FOX, SILVER FOX, MINK, various colors. Call before 9 am or after dark. Brabender's Small Stock Farm (847) 395-2782.

RANCH MINK & FOX BREEDING STOCK. Various colors. (715) 853-7002.

RANCH FOX AND MINK FOR SALE. Many colors. Call Ryan (262) 707-9277.

MINK RAISING BY A R HARDING. Tells how to select breeding stock, selecting a location, housing and feeding of mother and young. Send $6.95 + $5.00 p&h to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. Order online along with all our other books, videos and other merchandise at www.furfishgame.com


BOOKS FOR SALE - "What a Life" & "70 Years Trapping Tales", $15 each or both for $25 - includes postage. Robert Gates, 343 West St, Room 102, Arena, WI 53503.
FREE COPY OF THE ESSIAC HANDBOOK. About the famous Ojibway herbal healing remedy. Write to: Box 1182, Crestone, CO 81131.

CAMP & TRAIL METHODS BY E KREPS. How to build a log cabin, camp furniture, how to erect tents and shelters, build log camps, make hunting boats, canoes, skis, toboggans and trail sleds. A must for any outdoorsman. Send $7.95 + $5.00 p&h to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 East Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. Order online along with all our other books, videos and other merchandise at www.furfishgame.com


OUTFITTING BUSINESS IN NORTHERN IDAHO FOR SALE. Whitetail, mule deer, elk, moose, black bear, mountain lion, wolf and bobcat hunts. Established business with client list, website and successful track record. Not a back-country operation, no livestock necessary. www.idahooutfittingbusinessforsale.com


WILDTHINGS FUR HATS. S2471 Highway 131, LaFarge, WI 54639. Hats, mittens, earmuffs, headbands, anything you want made with your fur or ours. Free brochure. (608) 625-4181. www.wildthingsfur.com


SQUIRREL DOGS - WWW.SQUIRRELDOGDYNASTY.COM Feists/OMCBA Mtn Curs/West Siberian Laikas/Squirrel dogs & Coon dogs. Ashland, Ohio. Text or call (419) 689-9635 or email kevinhuntfish@gmail.com

FOR SALE - Registered Mountain Cur Pups, was Mountainview registry. (618) 287-7789. Roy Pennell, Elizabethtown, IL. www.pennellstreeing.com - email: curs54@shawneelink.net

FOR SALE - Squirrel and coon dogs. Larry Rion, 170 N 40th St, Walnut, KS 66780. (620) 724-6555.

HUNTING DOGS BY OLIVER HARTLEY. Describes in a practical manner the training, handling, breeding and care and treatment of hunting dogs. Also tells which types are best adapted for night hunting as well as gun dogs for daylight sport. Send $7.95 plus $5 shipping & handling to: FUR-FISH-GAME, 2878 East Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. Order online along with all our other books, videos and merchandise at www.furfishgame.com


NATIONAL OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP SCHOOL - NOLS. The premier teacher of outdoor skills and leadership, offers 10 days to full semesters in the world's most spectacular wilderness classrooms. www.nols.edu


I'M BACK! 1,000 mealworms with raising instructions, $30 ppd. (270) 436-2189.


BUYING FURS ALL SECTIONS. Also buying roots and herbs. Calp's Fur and Root, 561 S Main, Hoisington, KS 67544. (620) 653-7668.



BRITISH COLUMBIA MOOSE HUNTS, $6,800 US, includes licenses. 10 days 1/1 fair chase. 4 spots available for Sept/Oct. Drive up or fly up. E-mail: enigma@bulkley.net, phone-(250) 846-5997.

FALL BLACK BEAR HUNTS in south central Ontario, Canada. O'Shea Guiding Services, (613) 472-1502. Cell (613) 922-6826.

BEAR HUNTING in southern Ontario. (613) 336-8359 deadcreekoutfitters.com


PAUL POLLICK'S whitetail deer and trapping lures. Free 1 oz buck tarsal with $30 purchase. Free brochure. Instructional website: www.deerlures.com - (724) 295-3543.

MUZZLELOADER SUPPLIES, buy direct from the manufacturer. Patches, lubes, cleaners and accessories. Online catalog at www.rmcoxyoke.com

TRADITIONAL WOOD SLINGSHOTS. No nonsense, strong, powerful, accurate catapults. (931) 259-4326. Go see at: www.accuslingshot.com

CUSTOM KNIFE SHEATHS, holsters, belts, cell cases, wallets. (806) 856-5251. www.jedcoleather.com

WALL TENTS - Great quality and price! Buy online www.idahocanvas.com or call (888) 395-7999.


GINSENG WANTED. Top prices paid for PA and NY ginseng wet or dry. Alleghany Mountain Ginseng, 1306 Barnum Rd, Eldred, PA 16731. (814) 225-3452. Large quantities of fresh root needed. Please leave the young, small plants in the ground for the future. Thank-you!

WANTED NY & VT STATE WILD GINSENG. Top cash paid for quality roots. D.C. Hicks dealer since 1936. (518) 632-5422.

AMERICAN GINSENG SEEDS FOR SPRING thru Fall planting. Prices at wildspiritginseng.com and (585) 593-3484.

GINSENG AND OTHER MEDICINAL PLANTS BY A R HARDING. One of our best selling books for bark and root collectors. A book of valuable information for growers as well as collectors of medicinal roots, barks, leaves, etc. The quintessential resource of it's time. Information on how to plant, cultivate, grow and sell ginseng, goldenseal. 386 pages, 100 illustrations. Still our best book. Send $11.95 plus $5 postage and handling to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. Order online along with all our other books, videos and merchandise at www.furfishgame.com


USED PORTABLE SAWMILLS! Buy/Sell. Call Sawmill Exchange (800) 459-2148, 713-Saw-Mill. http://www.sawmillexchange.com


TRAPPERS: For the best selection of quality traps, lures, baits, books, knives and other trapping accessories at great prices, visit us www.pcsoutdoors.com or call (989) 569-3482. We are Trappers serving Trappers.

NEW WEBSITE! Featuring John Graham's Fur Country Lures, Montana traps, Amberg Snares, DVDs, canvas bags and disposable stake drivers. Call or write for free catalog! (307) 334-9930. PO Box 312, Lusk, WY 82225. Check out website @ www.furcountrylures.com

QUARLES TURTLE TRAPS - Quality handmade snapping turtle traps. Alfred Bradford, 4665 Back Shelltown Rd, Marion Station, MD 21838. marumscoal@aol.com or (410) 957-0183.

Trappers: For the Largest Selection of traps, repair parts, lures, books, & videos. Send $1.00 for supply catalog. Sterling Fur Company, 11268 Frick Road, Sterling, Ohio 44276.

WANTED! Mink gland and skunk essence, any quantity, offering top prices. Call - (239) 994-7772.

ALASKA TRAPPING TOURS! Alpine Creek Lodge offers 7 to 14 day trapping tours in very remote Alaska. Call (907) 743-0565 or www.alpinecreeklodge.com

GO TO: wickenkamplivetrap.com for quality live traps and accessories. Satisfaction guaranteed. 129 Buckeye St, Hedrick, IA 52563. (641) 661-2700.

DEADFALLS & SNARES BY A R HARDING. Describes the construction of homemade traps, telling how and where to make, how to bait and where to set. Make your own traps and snares with these simple and easy to follow instructions. Send $6.95 plus $5.00 postage and handling to FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 East Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. Order online along with all our other books, videos and merchandise at www.furfishgame.com

FOR SALE: Double longsprings, 3-n cast jaws. $23.50 each plus shipping. (507) 822-9059.



"THE LAKE HOUSE" on Rocky Fork Lake, Hillsboro, Ohio. Great hunting and fishing. Sleeps 6-8. Furnished. Deer hunting ground available. Rent by day or week. (937) 466-2338. www.thelakehouserfl.com


TRAPPING COYOTES WITH ODON CORR. The methods Odon used to capture several thousand coyotes in foothold traps over the past 65 years. 2 hour, 18 minutes. $39.95 + $5 s&h. Odon Corr, 37768 226th St, Wessington Springs, SD 57382.


Special - F-F-G copies to fill issues missing from your collection. Currently available: August and September 1978; September 1980; August 1981; February, April, June, November, December 1983; July 1984; Feb & March 1985; March, June and Aug 1987; June 1989; April, May, Nov., Dec. 1990; March, June, July, Aug 1991; All of 1992 except Jan, Feb & April. All of 1993 except March & Dec; March, July, Aug & Nov 1994; May, June 1995. All of 1996 except Jan Aug & Sept. All of 1997 except March, April, May, June, July & October. All of 1998 except April, Aug, Sept & Oct. All of 1999 except January, February, March, July, Aug & Nov. All of 2000 except June. All of 2001, 2002, 2003 except April, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, & 2008. $4.00 each or 12 for $40.00. Postage & Handling $3.00 for 1-6 issues & $5.00 for 7 or more. Canadian orders add $2 add. shipping and any applicable taxes -- U.S. Funds only. Send orders to: FUR-FISH-GAME Back Issues, 2878 E. Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. (614) 231-9585.
80th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE - September 2005 issue of FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine is a keeper. 12 pages of history and tradition. $4.00 each + $3.00 p & h. Send check or money order in US funds to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. Or go to: www.furfishgame.com to order any of our books, videos and other merchandise.
70th ANNIVERSARY - The June 1995 issue of FUR-FISH-GAME $4.00 each plus $3.00 postage & handling. Send check or money order in US funds to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 East Main St, Columbus, OH 43209.

WANTED - Turkey feathers, Squirrel tails, Beaver castors and other products. Price list: whitefoxfur@juno.com - (507) 869-3877. White Fox Fur & Feather Co, 226 Main, Pemberton, MN 56078.

INVENT SOMETHING? Improve a product? Patenting and industry presentation services. Free invention assessment. Free information. www.franklinforge.com (413) 627-9876

AUTOGRAPHS, BANNERS, POLITICAL PINS, leathers, baseball cards, sports memorabilia wanted. Highest prices paid. Write: Stan Block, 128 Cynthia Rd, Newton, MA 02159. (10)
WANTED TO PURCHASE mineral & other oil/gas interests. Send details to: PO Box 13557, Denver, CO 80201.